Divorce – What do I Need to Know?


There are many factors to consider when starting the divorce process, below are just a few:

  1. Be Wary of Advice from Friends and Family – It is helpful to have a strong support system, however, those closest to you will want to offer their advice and share their personal experiences. While this advice may be well meaning, it may not be relevant to your case at all. Keep in mind everybody’s situation is unique and what was true for them may not be true for you.
  2. Get Your Documents in Order – Secure copies of your tax returns; individual and jointly owned bank, retirement, mortgage and credit card account statements; deeds; and vehicle titles. Make sure to have access to the usernames and passwords associated with these accounts.  In most cases a status quo order will be put in place to ensure that neither party can transfer, hide or dispose of assets while the divorce is pending.
  3. Itemize Your Belongings – It is much more cost effective if the parties can agree on how to divide up personal property rather than fight over these things as the fight may end up being more expensive than the property is actually worth.  Locate and secure smaller items that can easily disappear.  Take photographs and make a list of all the items that may be disputed.
  4. The Best Interests of the Children – If children are involved think about what type of parenting time arrangement would be best for them taking into consideration their age, your work schedules and the distance between each household and their school.
  5. What to look for in an Attorney – The attorney you hire should be experienced in family law and familiar with the Judges that may be assigned to your case. Also, it is important that you feel comfortable with the attorney you hire so do not hesitate to look around until you find the one that is a good fit for you.

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